What Are The Best Socks For Pilates? [7 Suggestions]

A lot of people prefer to exercise in socks rather than shoes, especially when it comes to sports that require a lot of flexibility, like pilates. We have researched what qualities to look for in pilates socks and some of the most comfortable styles.

A great pair of pilates socks will be non-slip, breathable, and supportive. Some great sock options to choose from include:

  • Gaiam Grippy Toeless Socks
  • Elutong Pilates Socks
  • LA Active Grip
  • Ozaiic Non-Slip Socks
  • Toesox's Low-Rise Full Toe Socks
  • Muezna Men's Non-Slip Socks
  • Toesox's Luna Confetti Socks

Now that you have some ideas on what to look for, the rest of this post will explain each sock style in detail and answer some other questions you might have as you're considering what pilates socks to purchase. So make sure to keep reading.

Woman stretching her legs and limbs on a yoga mat before starting her Pilates exercise, What Are The Best Socks For Pilates? [7 Suggestions]

What Are Pilates Socks?

Pilates socks are socks that have material on their soles to prevent you from slipping. They also are designed to absorb moisture from your foot as you work out, support your foot to protect it from injury, and to be very light so they don't interfere with movement. Some socks are so light, they can create the feeling of being barefoot while still offering you protection from slipping.

Do You Wear Socks For Pilates?

Pilates can be done barefoot or in socks. Most gyms have their own rules as to whether or not they allow their class participants to be barefoot or if they require socks. However, even if your instructor doesn't require you to have socks, it is a good idea to wear them to prevent injury.

The purpose of exercise socks is to prevent you from slipping or losing your balance. So, if you are going to be practicing on a slippery surface, it is very important to wear non-slip socks.

Types Of Pilates Socks

To help you find quality pilates socks, we looked up 7 very highly rated sports socks from Amazon and added links to them so you don't have to spend time searching. Let's check them out.

1. Gaiam Grippy Toeless Socks

These are the best toeless socks. These socks allow you to have the traction you need during exercise while providing the natural feeling of being barefoot. They allow you to feel the floor beneath your toes, which provides a better tactile feel that can enhance your balance.

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2. Elutong Pilates Socks

Elutong socks keep your feet fully covered, which protects them from dirt and blisters. They have high elasticity, making them really flexible and comfortable while exercising.

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3. LA Active Grip

The LA Active Grip socks not only come in a lot of bright, fun colors, they also have built-in bracing for the arch of your foot. This keeps the socks firmly on your foot, which enhances their comfort.

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4. Ozaiic Ballet-Style Non-Slip Socks

These socks increase balance and stability. If you want a sock that looks unique and provides protection from injury during pilates, you will want to try these! They have criss-cross straps across the top of the sock that makes them resemble ballet slippers. These ballet-style socks are comfortable, supportive, and allow your feet to breathe.

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5. Toesox's Low-Rise Full Toe Socks

These socks have the best toe support. The socks stay below your ankle and have a fitted heel that reduces bunching. They provide support to your entire foot with an arch band that lifts and supports. In addition to those features, they also have a raised heel tab that is designed to pad your Achilles tendon.

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6. Muezna Men's Non-Slip Socks

A lot of the socks we have listed here are women's socks, so we wanted to be sure to include a high-quality men's sock for any men who might be reading this post. These socks are built with anti-skid silica grips on the underside and are made with combed cotton, providing maximum sweat absorption to keep your feet dry while you move.

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7. Toesox's Luna Confetti Socks

Luna Confetti socks come in a variety of fashionable designs and are designed with an ultra-cooling mesh top. This mesh top makes the socks feel like they are barely there and offers maximum breathability. This will keep your feet cool and comfortable while you exercise.

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What Is the Difference Between The Different Style of Sock?

Now that we've shown you different styles of pilates socks, you might be wondering which one to choose. You might also be wondering if it really matters if the sock is toeless, non-slip, or if it has 5 toes on each foot. All of the pilates socks prevent slipping and support your feet; however, some designs have extra benefits. We researched these benefits and here's what we found.


Non-slip socks are the basic exercise sock. Unlike everyday socks, they have grips on the bottoms that prevent you from slipping and allow for increased balance. If you want a sock that functions to prevent slipping, then this is the sock you want.


Toeless sports socks are designed to give you a barefoot feel while still protecting against slipping. The open-toe design allows your toes to move freely and can make it easier for them to grip the floor, which can help with balance during difficult exercise positions. The main reason to choose this type is if you want to feel barefoot without putting yourself at risk of injury or catching fungus from a gym floor.


Full-toed pilates socks cover all 5 of the toes but give each toe its own support. It is designed to add power to your movements and anchor the socks onto your feet. This prevents the sock from bunching up and becoming uncomfortable. Full-toed socks keep your toes separated from each other, which makes it easier for them to move naturally, which keeps them feeling comfortable throughout your entire workout. One would choose this sock if they wanted to be able to move their toes naturally during exercise while keeping their entire foot covered.

Do You Wear Shoes For Pilates?

We have talked a lot about picking out the perfect socks for pilates, but you may be wondering if you need shoes to go with those socks. The answer is a simple no because pilates is a barefoot sport.

Although some pilates teachers choose to wear shoes to support their feet while spending hours teaching classes on a hard floor, it is better to practice barefoot. Not only is it more traditional to be barefoot, but it also makes it easier to perform the moves with precision. Shoes prevent you from being able to execute moves with the precision and alignment necessary to properly perform the exercise.

Barefoot sports have been shown to improve balance, posture, and help prevent common leg injuries, like shin splints and stress fractures. Wearing shoes lessens these benefits, which is why you shouldn't wear shoes to do pilates.

How Do You Make Your Socks Slip-Resistant?

Now that you've read a lot about how non-slip socks can prevent injury while exercising, you might be wondering if you can make the socks you already have work for exercise. While they may not wick away moisture the way the material on an exercise sock will, you can make your own slip-resistant sock.

There are a couple of different ways to do it but it is essentially taking your socks and adding something to the bottom. Below we have listed in detail three different ways to make non-slip socks.

Puffy Paint Method

For this method, you will need cardboard, scissors, puffy paint, and your socks.

  1. Draw an outline of the bottom of your sock on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Insert the cardboard into your sock.
  2. Put round drops of puffy paint onto the bottoms of your socks.
  3. Let dry for 72 hours, and then wear your socks!
  4. To wash, turn them inside out and read the washing instructions that come with the puffy paint.

Hot Glue Method

You will need a hot glue gun, cardboard, scissors, and your socks. This method works best on thicker socks. If you decide to use it on thin socks, make sure to use thinner lines of hot glue.

  1. As listed in the method above, you first make a cardboard insert for your sock and then put it into the sock.
  2. Draw horizontal lines or dots with the hot glue gun. Arrange your dots in a grid pattern.
  3. Allow them to dry before wearing.

When using this method, it is important to note that you shouldn't coat the whole bottom with hot glue or they will be very uncomfortable, as hot glue becomes very rigid when it dries. You must use horizontal lines, not vertical; however, the lines can be squiggly or straight.

Suede Circles Method

If you like to sew, this method might work for you. It works best on socks that are crocheted or knitted. You will need suede material, scissors, a leather hole puncher, thread the same color as your sock, and a darning needle.

  1. You need to cut a circle and an oval out of the suede.
  2. Use the leather hole punch to make holes about a 1/2-inch apart around the perimeter of each shape. These holes make it possible for you to sew your shapes onto your sock.
  3. Use a darning needle to sew the shapes on, with the circle as the heel and the oval on your toe.
  4. Do this to both socks.

If you can't find suede, shelf liner works as well. Fake suede or faux leather cannot be used because they are too slippery.

Can You Wear Socks While Doing Yoga?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Some people say that you should wear socks while doing yoga because they help prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself. In fact, many of the socks we talked about above are being sold not just as pilates socks, but as yoga socks as well. There are some gyms that require socks for hygienic reasons.

Traditionally, however, yoga is done barefoot. People say this is since wearing socks prevents you from connecting fully to the mat and the earth, which can lower your balance and stability.

Now You Know Which Pilates Socks To Get!

After reading this post, you know several highly rated pilates sock brands and understand the benefits of non-slip socks for pilates. Now you can purchase exercise socks with confidence, knowing you're getting only the best!

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