Can You Break A Pilates Ring? [And How To Fix It]

A magic circle, also known as a Pilates ring, is designed to add resistance and help Pilates practitioners ensure proper form. If you're here, you're wondering if these rings are breakable and how to repair them. Lucky for you, we have taken the time to research whether or not they are breakable and how they can be fixed.

Pilates rings are made of metal or plastic. They are breakable and require special care to prevent them from warping or becoming damaged. However, they are made to be strong and resistant to damage. Unfortunately, you cannot repair a broken pilates ring. If yours becomes damaged, you will have to buy a new one.

Now that you know Pilates rings can break, you probably want to know what can break them and how to keep it from happening. Since you cannot repair a broken Pilates ring, we will also discuss how to choose a high-quality ring.

Woman practicing Pilates with ring at group class in yoga studio, Can You Break A Pilates Ring? [And How To Fix It]

What Are Pilates Rings Made Of?

Usually, the base of a magic ring is metal, composite, or fiberglass. This flexible base is generally covered by plastic, foam, rubber, or molded padding. Plastic rings offer lower resistance and are less durable than metal rings. Metal rings last the longest of all the materials used to make the ring.

Rubber rings are malleable and sometimes give too much to provide much resistance. For this reason, a lot of studios and seasoned practitioners use metal rings, most commonly steel. Steel rings can offer resistance and don't bend easily.

What Can Damage My Pilates Ring?

Most pilates rings are built extremely strong. As a result, they can last a few years. However, it is possible to break them. If you have a metal Pilates ring, putting it in too small a space can cause the metal to warp. This will result in an unusable ring.

Plastic rings can be pulled apart or pushed too far inward. This misuse of the ring can destroy the ring. Rubber rings that aren't well-made will become deformed and crack when used a lot.

What Should I Look For In A Pilates Ring?

High angle view of woman on exercising mat practicing with Pilates ring in health club

Pilates rings come in different sizes and materials. The one that works best for you depends on your fitness level, what part of your body you are exercising, and your body type.

Plastic rings tend to be lighter and offer less resistance than metal rings do. Metal rings are more common in a studio setting because they are more durable and last longer.

When you are looking for a ring that will last a long time, look for ones made of metal, such as steel. They may have a rubber or plastic coating to make the ring softer, but they tend to be of the highest quality.

Rings range from 12 inches in diameter to 16 inches in diameter. The smaller 12 and 13-inch rings work best for lower bodywork and smaller practitioners. Most people use a ring size 14. If you are unsure what size to get, many magic rings have a height and weight chart that will tell you what size to get.

Product Suggestions

When a Pilates ring breaks or becomes misshapen, you will need to replace it as it cannot be repaired. Luckily, they are designed to be extremely durable and don't break easily. The products below are examples of high-quality magic rings.

1. ProBody Pilates Ring

This Pilates ring is water-resistant and designed never to break. ProBody claims this ring will last for years.

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2. Trideer Pilates Ring

Made out of fiberglass, the Trideer pilates ring is designed to survive over 1000 different fitness tests. This ring is a size 12 and is ideal for lower body workouts.

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3. Chenlin Five Piece Pilates Ring Set

This product is for people who are serious about their fitness. Not only does it include a Pilates ring, but it also includes resistance bands, a stretch strap, and a Pilates ball to help take your workout a step further.

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4. Foxxy Fit Pilates Ring

If you are new to Pilates or want some tips on using the pilates ring, this set is for you. It comes with a high-quality, dual grip ring as well as instructions and a couple of other goodies.

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5. Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Lite

This lightweight ring is perfect for beginners. It is thinner than other rings in appearance, but don't let that fool you because this ring is extremely durable.

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6. The Sanos Ring

The Sanos ring doesn't just come with a durable ring; it also comes with a free workout guide, welcome gift, and a resistance band. Plus, it has a great color scheme.

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What Can I Use Instead Of A Pilates Ring?

Pilates rings add a lot to your workout. They make it easier for you to find your center and add resistance to a workout. While a store-bought Pilates ring works best, there are a few things you can use instead.

If your exercise involves adduction (movement toward the midline of your body), you can use a pillow or a thick book. A pillow is better because it won't hurt if it falls.

For exercises involving abduction (movement away from the body's midline), a belt, band, or scarf should work. It is important to keep in mind that these props will have a slightly different effect than a pilates ring.

Is A Pilates Ring Worth It?

Woman exercising pilates ring in silhouette

Pilates rings can deepen the mind-body connection and help tone muscles. It is called a magic ring because of the great benefits it has on your body. However, are they that effective, and are they worth getting?

All Pilates exercises can be done without a Pilates ring. That being said, they are sometimes called the heart and soul of Pilates practice. If you do a pilates class at home or the gym, you will notice over half of all the exercises have a Pilates ring incorporated into the movement.

When you use a fitness ring, you can target all the different areas of your body. You will want to have multiple ring sizes as different sizes are more effective for certain parts of your body.

So, yes, a Pilates ring is worth it if you want the whole experience. They are very effective and elevate your practice.

Final Thoughts

Fitness rings are an integral part of pilates. They help tone your muscles and keep you present during your exercises. High-quality rings are built to be virtually unbreakable, but they can still get damaged if they are improperly treated.

Once broken, a ring is irreparable. So, once it breaks, you will need to buy a new one. However, this shouldn't happen very often as long as you look for rings made of high-quality material.

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