Does Tennis Grip Size Matter?

Buying a new tennis racquet is an exciting moment for anyone who loves the game. However, when deciding which racquet to buy, does the grip size matter? We have taken the time to answer this question in this article.

Tennis racquet grip size does matter when playing the sport. Too small grip size can cause you to overexert your arm, causing injury or blisters. However, too big a grip size can make it challenging to switch grips during the match.

Having the right grip size will make the game more enjoyable. This article will explain why it matters to have the right grip size. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about tennis grips size, so read on!

A woman holding a tennis racket tightly, Does Tennis Grip Size Matter?

Does Tennis Grip Size Matter?

The racquet's grip size must be set correctly for a person to play tennis. Too small of a grip will force an over-extension of the arm, causing injury; too big of a grip will make it challenging to switch grips during the match, and having the right grip size for your racquet will make it more enjoyable.

Tennis racquet grip size plays a vital role in a player's performance. This affects how comfortable and stable you feel holding onto the racquet and how easy it is to switch grips during the match.

Tennis players holding tennis ball to serve it

If you find that your tennis grip size is too big or small, you may have trouble switching up your techniques. Also, if the racquet handle does not fit in your palm well, it will be more challenging to switch grips and, therefore, affect your gameplay.

Tennis racquet grip size is an essential factor in choosing a tennis racquet; you should take the time to figure out which size you should use. Asking advice from an experienced tennis player can also help you find the perfect grip for your racquet, so feel free to ask around if you are having trouble finding the proper size.

What grip size should I use for tennis?

The correct grip size is determined by measuring the circumference around the edge of the handle. The sizes range from 4 to 4 7/8th inches. You can find the correct grip size by finding your hand measurement.

The general guideline is that the handle of the tennis racquet should be able to fit in the palm of your hand without any part of it hanging over the edge unless you have larger hands.

Smaller hands should opt for a 4-inch handle, while people with larger hands who find that 4-inch handles are too small should purchase tennis racquets with four 1/4-inch or even bigger grips.

Keep in mind that the right grip size for you will also be a matter of preference. Like buying a pair of shoes, you need to find what fits you. In addition, the tennis racquet grip needs to be comfortable.

Forcing yourself to play with an uncomfortable grip will only set you up for injuries and frustrations. Finding the perfect grip size will take some time, but once you find it, your game will improve.

What is Roger Federer's grip size?

Roger Federer is a known name in the tennis world. He has a grip size of 4 3/8th inches. However, just because you are a fan of him doesn't mean that you should use the same grip size.

You should still find the size that fits you. When you find a good grip size for you, remember to change it up and try different sizes out. Your size will change over time as your hands grow and shrink; make sure to grab a new racquet and test out its fit if needed.

What grip size does Serena Williams use?

Serena Williams is the face of women's tennis for a good reason. That's why she has many young tennis fans wondering what her grip size is. Serena Williams grip size is four 5/8th inches.

Her success is due to her excellent tennis skills, but she still has to make sure she has a tennis grip size that is right for her.

How important is grip size in tennis?

Woman holding a tennis racket with two hands

Tennis grip size is important for many reasons. First, it helps players achieve the best results in their game by giving them a better feel of their racquet and improving their performance. Unfortunately, some professionals try to change tennis grips size throughout the game to confuse opponents.

This tactic can lead you to victory if used correctly. On the other hand, if you have a grip size that does not fit your hand perfectly, you will be unable to switch it up, leading you to lose a match.

How do I increase my tennis grip size?

You can increase your tennis grip size by using a heat sleeve. Using a heat sleeve will help you increase your grip size by one full grip size. Of course, if you don't like the increased grip size, you can always remove the heat sleeve.

What is the biggest tennis grip size?

The biggest tennis grip size is 4 7/8th inches. This grip size is for adults with large hands. People of this size will have a lot of trouble finding a grip that fits them right. The reason being is that this isn't a typical grip size for players.

You might not see a 4 7/8th as often in sporting stores. Players who need this size might use a heat sleeve or custom order a racquet.

What is the most common tennis grip size?

The most common tennis grip size is 4 3/8th. Most racquets have this size. People with smaller hands are generally more comfortable using this grip size.

There isn't a problem with this size, and it fits most hands. People who do not wish to be limited to one grip size can purchase heat sleeves and customize their racquet.

Tennis player wrapping tape around the tennis grip

What is the smallest tennis grip size?

The smallest tennis grip size is 3 7/8th inches. Again, this is for very young or small-handed people. For someone with a grip size this small, it may be hard to find a racquet that fits them, which makes their game suffer.

However, you can find the perfect racquet to fit your small grip with enough searching. You may even want to consider customizing your tennis racquet to get the ideal size.

Why does my tennis grip size feel uncomfortable?

Your tennis grip size might feel uncomfortable if you use a racquet that is too big for your hand or one that has a wrong grip size.

If you start feeling discomfort in your grip size, try asking the store where you bought your racquet for a different one, or ask if it is possible to heat the sleeve and adjust the grip size yourself.

Is it possible to make my tennis grip size smaller?

You can make your grip size small if you need be. However, you will need to remove the old grip and replace it with a new one. In addition, you will need to do one or two wraps around the bare handle.

This will make your grip size smaller. However, if the racquet you are using is old, investing in a new racquet that fits you properly may be worth investing in. You will have to determine how much you love the game and how often you play before making this decision.

Can I get injured by the wrong grip size?

If you play too much with the wrong grip size, you are at risk of injuries. The following injuries could happen:

A tennis player holding his elbow to elbow pain

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is soreness or pain around the outer side of your elbow. The pain has been attributed to the overuse of the muscles on the outside of the forearm. Tennis elbow is more common in people who play a lot of tennis but can happen to anyone.

People with this condition often lose grip strength and have trouble lifting both arms together without discomfort. The pain typically increases when lifting an object but can also come from extending or rotating your arm.

Wrist Sprain

Injuries to the ligaments on the outside of your wrist, which hold it together, are prevalent in sports that involve a lot of hitting or throwing.

This injury often comes from a sudden twisting motion and has symptoms such as swelling, discoloration, pain with moving your thumb towards your pinky finger, and sometimes excruciating pain.


This condition is prevalent in the elbow and happens when the tendons in your arm become inflamed. Pain starts to happen when you lift objects and gets worse every time.

Tendinitis is typically caused by overuse or acute injuries such as a sudden twist or fall that would cause an impact on the outside of your elbow.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are common in tennis, especially if you have poor swinging form. Poor swings lead to shoulder impingement, rotator cuff damage, and labrum tears.


Blisters on your palms are common primarily if you use a poor technique or have the wrong grip size. Try adjusting how tight the handle feels in your hand or switching to a different racquet that is more comfortable for you.

Final Thoughts

A woman holding a tennis racket tightly

As you can see, having the right tennis grip size is essential for your health and performance. To find the right grip size, get your hand measured, and try out a bunch of different racquets and see which one feels most comfortable in your hand.

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