How Much Does CrossFit Cost?

CrossFit was founded over twenty years ago in the year 2000. It's still very popular among new and experienced people in the world of fitness. CrossFit is described as a lifestyle that transforms the idea of exercise and performance. The question you may be asking is if CrossFit can be found locally and is it affordable. Do not worry, we have researched the prices around the country and developed a list for you all in one place.

A CrossFit gym membership is generally more costly than joining a standard gym. A standard gym membership can cost about $30-$70 per month. Meanwhile, a CrossFit gym typically ranges from $75-$225 per month. Try to keep in mind the reasons you will be attending the gym in the first place. Consider the following questions: 

  • Will you have access to a trainer? 
  • Are you traveling or on vacation? 
  • What kind of workouts do you enjoy doing? 

Answering these questions will allow you the opportunity to reevaluate why you are wanting to start or keep up with a CrossFit membership. It is also a good idea to keep in mind the price ranges when traveling outside of your local area during the holidays or on a vacation. Not all CrossFit gyms will be the same, but this article provides a better insight into the prices you will see out in the world.

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The Three Questions To Consider

Knowing the answer to these three questions will help you narrow down how much you're willing to pay for your CrossFit membership.

Will You Have Access to a Trainer?

A gym instructor teaching his trainees extensive workout routine

The main reason people tend to join a gym is because of the motivation that comes from seeing other members workout. There is an inspirational environment at the gym that causes people to want to improve their health and exercise in a way that they would not be able to at home.

A gym is also a place where professional trainers are most accessible. Having a membership to a gym means having the opportunity to hire a trainer to help guide and stimulate growth in fitness.

CrossFit Trainers vs. Personal Training

Personal training is a traditional and more common way to meet your fitness goals. It is also not realistic for the average person to maintain. The reason most people abandon their personal training sessions is because they cannot find the right trainer, the exercises are too intense, they stop showing up or cancel sessions, or the cost isn't worth the effort.

A benefit from personal training at a standard gym is that the training is essentially personalized. You have the trainer all to yourself. As stated before, personal training is cheaper than CrossFit, but if you fail to find the right personal trainer for might as well be throwing away money.

CrossFit trainers teach classes. The class sizes tend to range from two to six people. With the small class size, it is easy for a trainer to issue personal attention and critique to each member of the class.

CrossFit trainers can also offer guidance in terms of nutrition and lifestyle if necessary. An advantage of having a CrossFit trainer is that you would not have to follow a strict meal plan because the choice would be up to you. And belonging to a class could create a positive community to hold each other accountable.

The price range is higher than personal training. However, there are ways to cut this price down. For instance, most CrossFit gyms will offer discounted membership rates for the following:

  • Military service members (active and retired)
  • College students
  • Educators/teachers
  • Medical professionals/nurses/residents/EMT

Are You Traveling Or On Vacation? 

Have you ever tried to maintain your fitness schedule while traveling or vacationing? Maybe the reason you decided not to join a gym or hire a personal trainer was for this very reason. It is overwhelming and troublesome to coordinate a workout regime while simultaneously relaxing on holiday.

The great thing about CrossFit is that there are things known as drop-in rates. Drop-in rates at a CrossFit gym are designated for newcomers. This allows for travelers or first-timers to use a new gym away from home at a set rate. The typical rate is $20 for one class.

You may be thinking that is a steep number, but consider the fact that you get to experience a new CrossFit community, maintain a healthy fitness schedule on vacation, and not feel guilty for skipping a workout!

What Kind Of Workouts Do You Enjoy Doing?

A team of Athletes working out using kettlebells

The absolute most important part of any new hobby is determining if you enjoy it or not. Working out is no different. If you enjoy using an elliptical independently at a standard gym for a cheaper price, then there is no need to change it up. However, it can become a little underwhelming to workout alone.

As a beginner, it is important to join a community in order to understand what works and what doesn't for your own preference. So, it is a good idea to ask yourself what kind of workouts you actually enjoy doing and want to keep doing.

Can You Do CrossFit Workouts At Home?

The truth is that, although the CrossFit community is a great buy-in for most people to sign up for a membership, it is not financially feasible for everyone. If you have determined that you really enjoy the high energy and weight training that is involved in CrossFit but you can't afford the membership prices, you can do the workouts at home.

The workout of the day, or WODs, is very accessible and highly repetitive. This means that anyone can find a WOD online and reference it at home for a workout. Most WODs are bodyweight oriented and do not require equipment. For example, one WOD could consist of jumping jacks, burpees, a 1-mile run, etc.

It is always optional to create a home gym by slowly collecting equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, or barbells. However, it is important to know that CrossFit is more about doing a certain amount of exercises for a certain amount of time.

Why Is CrossFit So Expensive?

Sets of weightlifting equipment's placed on the floor of a gym

How and why would anyone pay more for a gym when they don't have to? The truth is that most CrossFit goers are deeply involved in the CrossFit community and describe it as a positive and motivating environment.

Say you want a gym membership, but you can't afford a personal trainer. At a standard gym, you need to be experienced and plan your own workouts accordingly even if you have no prior knowledge of fitness. At a CrossFit gym, there is always a trained coach present and a small group class with hands-on instruction.

Truth be told, the United States does not hold the title for most expensive CrossFit membership prices. The USA is listed as number 10 with an average monthly membership price of around $155.98.

Keep in mind that prices do vary around the country. The highest membership price in the United States is in Washington D.C., coming in at $260/month. The most average membership price is in the state of Wyoming at $150/month. Lastly, the most inexpensive average is in Arkansas for $97.50/month.

Larger, more populous states like New York and California are within the top 10 most expensive. This is to be expected since the cost of living in those states reflects this inflation as well.

Check out Rounds For Time to see an exact list of CrossFit membership prices around the United States and the world.

Is CrossFit Worth The Cost?

When all is said and done, is CrossFit worth it? That is up to you as far as if you enjoy high-intensity in your workouts. If you enjoy consistently being a part of a community that strives to better themselves physically and mentally, then yes. It is worth every penny.

How Often Should You Go To CrossFit?

You must calculate how often you are willing to attend the classes at the CrossFit gym. Unlike a traditional gym, most CrossFit locations offer a "pay as you go" type of plan without a contract. This could increase motivation because you are paying of your own free will.

If you decide to commit to the membership, attending the gym about 3 times per week is not only realistic with life commitments but tends to save about $30/month over an unlimited plan.

In reality, the price you pay to attend the CrossFit gym will more than likely equate to the amount you throw away by not going to a standard gym. It is easy to neglect a traditional gym membership because it is under contract and already paid for. Establishing a pay as you go price plan with a CrossFit gym can guarantee that you pay for the workouts you receive.

In Closing

A CrossFit membership price varies on the location of the gym. On average, a CrossFit gym in the United States can range from $100 to $200, depending on the standard of living and size of the community. The CrossFit community is the overall selling point for joining a CrossFit gym.

The small and inclusive environment is the standard for any CrossFit gym and therefore requires more skilled trainers in an area where there is a higher population of members. It's important to remember that you have the ability to do CrossFit in the comfort of your own home and also partake in the online community if desired.

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