How To Clean Football Gloves [A Complete Guide]

Football gloves may add grip to your game, but they could also "grip" a whole lot of grime. The more often you tumble and tackle, the more likely these gloves will need a good soaking. But how do you safely wash these gloves so they retain their grippable grooves? Is it safe to throw these gloves in the washer or dryer? If you're wondering how to clean your football gloves, then you've got to check out the research we've done on this topic. 

The safest way to wash football gloves is to hand-wash them in the sink with warm water and a bit of mild detergent. While some football gloves are machine-washer friendly, you should only use the gentlest wash setting and cool water. 

Ideally, you should turn your gloves inside out and wrap them in a pillowcase if you're putting them through the washer. Whatever washing method you use, always hang your football gloves to air dry.  

Football gloves may not be as dainty as lace, but they need to be handled with care. If you use the wrong washing methods, you could do irreparable damage to your game day gloves. Be sure to review the tips below before you scrub your pair of football gloves. 

A football player wearing white football gloves and holding a football tightly, How To Clean Football Gloves [A Complete Guide]

How Do You Clean Football Gloves?

No matter which football glove brand you have, you could hand-wash them in running warm water with mild detergent. Some people also use a sponge to get rid of stubborn stains. 

After your gloves are clean inside and out, you could wring them out and pat them dry on a towel. Lastly, you should hang your football gloves and let them air dry for at least one night. 

The other way you could clean your gloves is in the washing machine. However, not every glove is OK for the washer. You have to double-check the label to ensure it's washer-friendly. 

Even if your gloves are OK for the washer, you should never put them on an intense cycle or a high heat setting. Always turn your washer on the lowest intensity with cool water. For extra protection, turn your gloves inside out and wrap them in a pillowcase before adding them to your wash.

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How Do You Clean Football Gloves Without Losing Grip?

A football player wearing black colored gloves and holding a football tightly

If you want to preserve your gloves' grip, here's a simple tip: Be gentle! 

The unique material on your gloves' exterior is delicate, so you can't toss these gloves in a screaming hot washer. Indeed, the best way to preserve your gloves' grip is to avoid high heat environments. 

While some manufacturers claim their gloves are "machine washer friendly," it's always safer to hand-wash your gloves in a sink or a bucket with warm water. You could also add some mild detergent to remove any debris on your gloves. 

Please watch this video for a simple hand-washing technique for football gloves:

If your gloves are washer-safe, you could toss them in your machine on a low-intensity setting with cold water. You should also turn your gloves inside out if you're going to put them in the washer. Some people put their football gloves in a pillowcase to further protect them. 

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Could Hand Sanitizer Clean Football Gloves? 

Strangely, some football players have begun using hand sanitizer on their gloves…but their goal isn't to disinfect them. Instead, athletes use hand sanitizer to add a sticky coating to the outside of their gloves, which may provide extra grip.

While this sneaky tip adds a sticky coating to football gloves, they won't clean your gloves. Also, some leagues view using hand sanitizer as cheating. Be sure you know the rules at your school before putting sanitizer on your gloves. 

Can You Put Football Gloves In The Dryer?

You should never put football gloves in the dryer. The intense heat in this unit will wreck your gloves' special outer coating. 

Instead, it's always best to air dry your football gloves after a wash. Simply hang them on a clothesline and let them dry completely. Not only is air-drying safer, but it could also help naturally get rid of "glove stink."  

How Do I Make My Football Gloves Not Stink?

A spilled bowl of baking soda

Speaking of "glove stink," the best way to get rid of this stench is to let your gloves breathe after each session. Instead of tossing your gloves in a gym bag or locker, make it a point to let them air dry after practice. This simple tip should reduce the sweaty smells emanating from your gloves. 

If you need extra help getting rid of odors from your gloves, you could turn them inside out and soak them in a bucket filled with water and about ½ cup of baking soda. Some people also recommend using a mix of OxyClean and water. 

Whichever ingredient you choose, let the gloves sit in the water for at least 30 minutes before removing them and letting them air dry. 

For more pro tips on cleaning football gloves, you've got to check out this video:

Could Dryer Sheets Get Rid Of Sweat In Football Gloves? 

Some football players like to stuff their football gloves with absorbent materials like dryer sheets immediately after practice. This strategy may minimize the risk of sweaty odors, especially if you leave these gloves out in the open. 

If you don't have dryer sheets available, you could also try using old newspapers. Since newsprint is more absorbent than regular paper, it could help transfer all that sweat out of your gloves. 

Interestingly, some football players even use new tea bags to get rid of icky odors. If newspapers and dryer sheets don't work for you, toss a spot of English Breakfast into your gloves! Like the other two methods, the tea bags should absorb any sweaty odors from practice. 

How Do You Clean Under Armour Football Gloves? 

An Under Armour store outlet photographed outside

According to Under Armour's website, you should always hand-wash football gloves with warm running water. You could also use a sponge with mild dishwashing detergent to remove debris or stains from your gloves. Once you're done washing these gloves, hang them up to air dry for at least one night. 

Under Armour also says it's OK to turn your gloves inside out and put them in a bucket with water plus baking soda or OxyClean. Use this technique to remove sweat odors. 

Can You Put Adidas Football Gloves In The Washing Machine?

Adidas doesn't say its football gloves are machine washer friendly. So, unless your Adidas glove model says it's OK to use in the wash on the label, you should assume you can't hand-wash it. 

For specific guidance on your football gloves, you could call or email Adidas on this official contact us page

Can You Machine Wash Nike Football Gloves?

Like Adidas, Nike doesn't claim its football gloves are OK to put in the machine washer. Therefore, you should hand-wash these gloves to preserve them for the long haul.

Of course, since Nike puts out many glove styles, a few may be suitable for the washer. However, you should always double-check with Nike's customer service department before putting them in your washing machine. 

How Often Should You Wash Football Gloves?

If you're an active football player, you should wash your football gloves about once per week. However, this timing may vary depending on how dirty or smelly your gloves get. Some players may need to wash their gloves a few extra times, while others could get by with a wash every other week. 

To reduce the need to wash your gloves so frequently, please remember to let them air dry between games and practices. Although this won't eliminate odors, it will reduce the odds your gloves will pick up a nasty scent after a few practice sessions. 

Show Your Football Gloves Some Love With A Gentle Wash!

A football player wearing white football gloves and holding a football on a dark background

Washing football gloves isn't as simple as tossing them in the washer and dryer. If you want to get the most use out of your gloves, you should take the time to hand-wash them with warm water and mild soap. 

While it's OK to wash football gloves in the washing machine, always verify they're washer-friendly with your manufacturer. Whenever you put gloves in the washer, always turn them inside out and put your washer on the mildest and coldest setting. 

By following these simple tips, you could get years of use out of your pair of football gloves. 

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