How To Waterproof Tennis Shoes 

Squishy shoes are fun at the water park, but they're not so hot on the tennis court. Not only are wet tennis shoes uncomfortable, but they can also seriously "dampen" your serving skills. 

Thankfully, there are many ways you can safely waterproof your tennis shoes. To prevent playing tennis with wet socks, you've got to read the research we've done on waterproofing tennis shoes. 

A few of the most common strategies for waterproofing tennis shoes are as follows:

  • Spray tennis shoes with Scotchgard or a silicone spray and let air dry. 
  • Use a dedicated water-repellant spray per the manufacturer's instructions. 
  • Rub beeswax or a candle along your sneakers and heat with an air dryer. 

Whether you're wearing your tennis shoes on the court or around town, it's way more comfortable when they're waterproof. The info in this post will give you so many tips & tricks to keep your kicks from getting wet. 

Hiker tying his shoes whilst jogging uphill, How To Waterproof Tennis Shoes 

The Best Waterproof Spray for Shoes

The easiest way to waterproof tennis shoes is to buy a pre-mixed waterproof spray designed for shoes. Many sprays work wonders on tennis shoes, but here are a few options worthy of consideration. 

Jogger running on a patch of water with his waterproof tennis shoes

Kiwi Sneaker Protector 

Better known for its shoe polishes, Kiwi has a long reputation in the shoe & sneaker care business. The Kiwi Sneaker Protector is the best "fit" for most tennis shoe brands. The company claims you could use this spray on all materials and colors without worries. 

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3 M's Scotchgard has long been used to repel moisture on shoes. However, not every tennis shoe material is suitable for Scotchgard. Please only use Scotchgard spray to waterproof canvas-top shoes or sneakers. 

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DetraPel Shoe & Sneaker Protector

Fans of the show "Shark Tank" may have heard of DentraPel Sneaker Protector. This relatively new product uses nanotechnology to form a safe waterproof layer. 

Plus, there's no need to fear allergies to harsh aerosol compounds. DentraPel promises to remove potentially harmful substances like fluorochemical. 

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Reshoevn8r Water Repellent Protection Spray

Reshoevn8r wins the award for the most eye-catching brand name. Although this company may not be as well-known as other brands, it has gained notoriety for its water-repellent shoe protection spray. 

Just keep in mind that this aerosol formula is best-suited for white shoes. While Reshoevn8r's spray works on most materials, it can cause slight discoloration in darker tennis shoe models.

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Rust-Oleum Shield H2O Boot & Shoe Spray

Rust-Oleum may have begun business offering rust-resistant paint, but it has many other waterproof products in its portfolio. For instance, did you know this company makes a waterproof shoe spray called Shield H20 Boost? 

Although Rust-Oleum's formula doesn't include silicone, it promises this spray should protect all major shoe materials. 

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To see how Rust-Oleum works to waterproof shoes, be sure to check out this video:

Adidas Shoe Protector Spray 

When it comes to global sportswear brands, few names are as big as Adidas. Therefore, athletes may feel the most comfortable entrusting their tennis shoes to Adidas's proprietary shoe protector spray. 

The Adidas shoe protector spray works on all major shoe materials, including non-dyed suede, leather, and canvas. The company also included a unique snap-off cap to reduce the odds of a mistaken spritz. 

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What's The Best Way To Waterproof Tennis Shoes?

Female runner crossing on a patch of water on the road

Honestly, many products will safely waterproof your tennis shoes. Finding the "best" waterproof method depends on your shoe's material, budget, and preferences. 

Please be sure you know the exact materials in your tennis shoes' design. If you can't find this information on your shoes' labels, you must contact the manufacturer for specific details.

Once you know what your shoes are made out of, you'll have a far easier time weeding out different waterproof options. For instance, if your shoe has suede, you'll know to avoid sprays that don't specify a "suede status."

Take your time understanding the pros and cons of various waterproof techniques, and always ensure the tools & tricks you're using are approved for your shoes.  

Can You Scotchgard Your Tennis Shoes?  

Scotchgard is most often recommended to protect canvas-top shoes, but customers can safely use it on most sneakers. Generally, if your tennis shoe is made with a material that can be washed, it's OK to use Scotchgard as a water repellant.

Please never use standard Scotchgard on materials like suede or leather. However, please know there are Scotchgard products designed explicitly for materials like suede and nubuck.

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If you have doubts, check with your shoes' manufacturer to see if they approve of using Scotchgard.

To see how people use Scotchgard to protect sneakers, please watch this video:

How Long Does Scotchgard Last On Shoes?

According to Scotchgard's official website, you should consider re-applying this spray on your shoes every six months. However, if you notice your shoes getting wet before then, please use Scotchgard sooner!

The six-month figure is just a reasonable estimate to keep in mind. It's always best to re-apply Scotchgard when you feel your shoes have lost their waterproof power. 

Can You Use Shoe Polish On Tennis Shoes?

Shoe polish is typically used to spiff up dirty shoes rather than add a waterproof layer. However, it's safe to use shoe polish on most tennis shoes.

You have to double-check the shoe polish you're interested in is approved for your shoe's material. Most often, shoe polishes are designed for leather shoes. It's also unlikely shoe polish will work on materials like suede or nubuck. 

Find out more on this Amazon link.

Please never assume a shoe polish works on your tennis shoes until you get the "OK" from the manufacturer. 

To learn more DIY tips for properly polishing tennis shoes, you have to check out this fun YouTube video:

Can You Use Beeswax Or Candles To Waterproof Tennis Shoes?

Blocks of beeswax on a white table

If you can't handle aerosol sprays, you may want to go "old school" and grab some beeswax. Many people use candles or beeswax to add water protection to their favorite tennis shoes. 

Typically, people will rub either of these waxy substances over their shoes to create a thin layer. Next, they'll use a hairdryer to heat the wax until they can't see it anymore. 

For a video demonstration on how to apply wax to your tennis shoes, please watch this popular video:

How Do You Test A Tennis Shoe's Waterproof Layer? 

Man wearing tennis shoes running on a patch of water

If you're curious whether your waterproofing strategy works, you could pour a small amount of water over an area you've treated. If your waterproof solution works, you should see the liquid bead up and fall right off the shoe. 

Can You Use Waterproof Covers On Tennis Shoes? 

Can't be bothered applying waterproof sprays or beeswax? Why not consider a waterproof cover! 

Many companies make stylish silicone covers that will slip over your tennis shoes. Just be sure to find a color you like and a size that fits your favorite sneakers. 

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Are There Tennis Shoes With Waterproof Coatings? 

Jogger running on a patch of water with his waterproof tennis shoes

Many high-end tennis shoes already have a waterproof design. While these shoes tend to cost more, they shouldn't require waterproof sprays to wick off moisture.

Just remember that waterproof tennis shoes are more of an investment. Only you could determine whether waterproof shoes are worth the price of admission. 

To see how waterproof sneakers work, check out this video:

Can You Put Waterproof Tennis Shoes In The Washer & Dryer? 

Washing tennis shoes in the washing machine

It's safe to put tennis shoes in the washer if they don't have non-wash-friendly materials [e.g., leather and suede]. Please check with your shoe manufacturer to see what they say about whether you could pop these products in the washer. 

While it's usually OK to put tennis shoes in the washer, it's not a good move to put them in the dryer. Often, the dryer ruins the appearance of your precious shoes. 

For more details on washing and drying tennis shoes, you've got to read our previous post, "Can Tennis Shoes Go In The Washer & Dryer?

Say "Sayonara" To Soggy Socks! — Waterproof Your Tennis Shoes Today! 

Hiker tying his shoes whilst jogging uphill

There are many ways to safely waterproof tennis shoes, but most involve using a pre-mixed waterproof spray, Scotchgard, or beeswax. Just be sure the method you use is approved for your shoes.

If you apply a waterproof coating about twice per year, you should notice a considerable reduction in the amount of water that leaks to your toes. 

If you're curious whether there's a significant difference between tennis shoes and sneakers, you've got to read our exhaustive "Tennis Shoes vs. Sneakers" guide.

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