What Sizes Do Pilates Rings Come In? [With Tips On How To Pick The Right Size]

Are you looking to take your Pilates sessions to the next level? Bringing a Pilates ring into your routine will provide additional resistance for your muscles, making your poses just that much more challenging. If you have already been shopping around for a ring, you may have noticed Pilates rings come in a variety of sizes. We looked into each size of Pilates ring on the market to give you a list of what is available and some insights into choosing the best ring for you and your workout.

Pilates rings have been defined using inches. You can find rings sized from 12-15 inches, with a standard ring falling at 14 inches. 

These are the sizes you'll find online or in the stores, but how is this size determined? Keep reading as we break down how Pilates rings are sized, how to choose the right one for you, what these magic rings will do for your body, and more.

A black pilates ring on a blue pilates mat, What Sizes Do Pilates Rings Come In? [With Tips On How To Pick The Right Size]

How Are Pilates Rings Sized?

Pilates rings have been known by other names like the fitness circle, exercise ring, or the magic circle. The size of Pilates ring gets determined by the circle's diameter or the space from one side of the circle to the other. The smaller the diameter, the smaller the ring or circle.

Two women holding Pilates rings on their workout

The most common size of Pilates ring is 14 inches, but there's a reason this is not the only size. Different body types require varying sizes. We will go on to explain how to determine the right size of ring for you.

What Size Pilates Ring Should I Get?

With the range of sizes, you probably wonder which size of Pilates ring is right for you. While you are figuring this out, it is a good idea to try out different sizes at the store or your local Pilates studio before you make a purchase. Often, ring brands will offer a weight and height chart to base your ring size on.

A bottle of water and a pilates ring on the side of the mat

There are some general considerations when picking out your ring. If you have a shorter or small body type, you may benefit from a smaller or mini ring. A small ring can allow for a better range of motion. Taller body types, or ones with broad shoulders, may have a more comfortable workout with a larger ring.

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Different-sized rings are also great for specific parts of the body. Larger rings can create more of a challenge for lower body workouts while smaller-sized rings are perfect for your upper body.

The Pilates ring you choose should be decided on after you test out the different sizes. It is hard to say exactly what ring will be perfect for you, as each body and comfort level is different.

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Do Pilates Rings Come In Different Strengths?

Pilates rings come in different sizes as well as other strengths. It isn't the size that determines the strength, though; it is the material of the ring that will hold different resistances. When these magic circles first came out, they were only offered made with a metal material.

Now, you will typically find Pilates rings made of both plastic and metal or steel. Plastic rings are a bit lighter and more flexible than metal rings that are heavier and more sturdy. You will most likely see both options when you walk into a Pilates studio.

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If you are new to Pilates or new to working with a ring, starting with a lightweight plastic ring is recommended. As you become more advanced and have learned proper technique with your ring, move up to a heavier or more resistant ring made of metal.

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No matter the size or strength of a Pilates ring, proper care of your equipment is required. These rings should never be stored in too small of a place to avoid warping. Keep them in their provided bags when not in use or another dry, convenient area that is large enough.

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Is The Pilates Ring Effective?

Looking at one of these magic circles, it appears so simple. Don't let the simplicity fool you. These Pilates rings are highly effective. This lightweight, portable workout tool adds resistance to build strength and helps you to perfect your form. As you add pressure to your ring in use, the action also triggers a balance challenge.

A pretty gym instructor holding and showing her pilates ring

The secret behind noticeable results is knowing how to use a Pilates ring in the right way. Let's break down how this ring can benefit specific parts of your body and what some exercises using the ring look like.

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Does Pilates Ring Help The Pelvic Floor?

The Pilates ring does help the pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor is beneficial for both men and women. In some cases, pelvic exercises have been used to help medical conditions, like chronic bladder issues. You've most likely heard of Kegels as the go-to pelvic strengthener. Now you can take it to the next level with a Pilates ring.

These rings are most known for their ability to aid you in targeted strength training for your pelvic floor, stomach, and back muscles. Some pelvic floor exercises you can do with your ring include:

  • Bridge with your ring in between your knees
  • Squats with your ring around your ankles
  • Standing position, squeezing your ring between your knees

The video below highlights pelvic floor stability exercises you can do with your Pilates ring.

How Do Pilates Rings Work On Inner Thighs?

Doing bodyweight exercises is excellent for toning and tightening areas of the body. If you reach a point where you don't see much change with these exercises, adding a ring will bring you to the next level of your fitness. You can implement changes specifically by working your inner thighs using your Pilates ring.

A group of women doing pilates workout

Using your ring with exercises like the tabletop squeeze, standing frog and specific standing positions all work your inner thighs. These movements highlight the resistance happening between your legs. As you press the ring with your thighs, the ring presses back with resistance causing your core to tighten and your inner thighs to do more work.

The video below highlights three exercises you can do with your ring for your inner thighs.

How Do Pilates Rings Work For Abs?

There are tons of ab workouts you can do using a Pilates ring. These seemingly simple circles can create an ab workout that feels ten times harder. Pilates rings work for abs when the ring is held between your hands, ankles, or thighs. Make your sit-ups more challenging by holding your legs straight out and slightly up, with your ring squeezed between your ankles.

A group of fitness student doing some pilates workout

You can incorporate this ring with your spine stretches to bring a little heat to the belly. Press the ring in between your hands as you reach forward toward your toes while in a seated position. Get the stretch you need on the back and the fire you are looking for in the front.

The video below highlights ab workouts you can do with your Pilates ring.

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Concluding Thoughts

Pilates rings come in "mini" sizes, such as 12 or 13 inches in diameter. Your standard ring is 14 inches, and 15-inch rings are great for the larger or more broad body types. There may be one size ring you use for the upper body and another for lower body exercises. Always test and practice using different-sized rings to find the most comfortable for you and your body.

Along with sizes, you can test the two types of ring materials; plastic and metal. We hope you found this article helpful when exploring Pilates rings, and we hope your right fit gets found.

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