Are Asics Running Shoes True To Size?

There are numerous high-quality running shoe brands on the market today. Asics has risen to become one of the most popular because of their durable materials, excellent support, and a wide variety of styles. But all of this is useless if they don't fit correctly. We've researched whether or not Asics are true to size and have come up with the answer.

According to the measurement of the interior of the shoe, men's Asics are about a half-size smaller than most other running shoe brands. They also tend to be more narrow than other brands. However, Asics for women tend to run true to size. 

Shoes that don't fit correctly are uncomfortable at best and can increase your potential for injury at worst. That's why we've put together this guide to help you make sure you're getting the best shoes possible. Please read on for an explanation of how to figure out your correct size and details on how Asics typically fit. Ready, set, go!

Women's black & peach ASICS running shoes, Are Asics Running Shoes True To Size?

How To Make Sure You Get The Right Size Of Running Shoes

Even though the sizing system for most shoes is similar across different brands, there is still some discrepancy. The way shoes are made, where they're made, and the manufacturer's history all play a role in how well the shoes fit. For many casual shoes, this isn't a significant problem. But a pair of running shoes that doesn't fit correctly can cause discomfort or injury.

Nowadays, many people buy shoes online instead of going into a store. While this is convenient, it often means you can't be sure how well the pair will feel. Instead of guessing which shoes will fit, here are the necessary steps to get it right the first time.

1. Measure Your Foot Length

Using a flexible tape measure or ruler, measure your foot from the back of your heel to the end of your big toe. Measure in centimeters, since this is how most shoes are sized. Round to the nearest half-centimeter. Make sure you include the slope of your heel since this is included in the shoe. The tape measure should be angled across your foot.

If you aren't confident that you can do this accurately, put your foot on a piece of paper. Use a marker or pen to outline your foot, then measure the outline. Ask a friend to help you if you can't reach the paper.

2. Add 1.5 Centimeters To The Length

Take the measurement and add a centimeter and a half. This will account for the socks you'll wear while running. It will also give your foot room to expand when it heats up, and the blood runs to it, which is natural while running or exercising.

3. Use A Sizing Chart To Find Your Correct Size

Finally, use a sizing chart to figure out what size of shoe you should purchase. These shoe charts compare and contrast the measurement of a variety of brands in centimeters. This sizing chart is specifically designed for running shoes, including all the major brands and many more obscure ones.

This chart says a man who gets a measurement of 28.5 centimeters should wear size eleven Asics. However, that same person should wear size 10.5 in Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Saucony, and other running shoe brands. For women, a measurement of 24 centimeters equals a size seven, which is consistent amongst many popular brands.

If you get your new running shoes dirty, it's not the end of the world! Check out this article for details on how to clean them: How To Clean Mesh Running Shoes? [5 Steps]

Why Are My Asics Giving Me Blisters?

Blisters, particularly on a runner's foot, are painful and can be debilitating until they heal. Several things cause them, especially while wearing Asics shoes. At their core, blisters are the skin's reaction to repeated friction.

Problem With Your Socks

Most often, they occur when your feet rub against the inside of your sock. This can happen if your socks aren't pulled up all the way, leaving bunched portions at vulnerable spots. Or, maybe your socks aren't meant for running. Feet that are too moist from sweat will often blister because they're softer than normal, and if your socks don't help keep them dry, the result can be painful.

To solve this problem, consider wearing socks specifically designed for running. The best ones have moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet dry. Avoid cotton since cotton dries slowly and isn't as soft as other materials. Instead, look for socks made out of Merino wool or a synthetic blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex.

Here are some Merino wool socks available for purchase.

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Or, check out these synthetic material socks.

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Wrong Size Of Shoes

You also might be getting blisters because the shoes you're wearing don't fit properly. This could be because they're too small, which is a common issue if you ordered Asics in your normal size. If the shoes feel uncomfortable in other ways, such as pinching your toes, this might be the case.

Keep in mind that your feet grow while exercising because more blood runs to them. If the shoes felt great when you tried them on, this might be the problem. Try the steps above to make sure you're wearing the right size of shoe, depending on your foot's measurement.

Wrong Shoes For Your Pronation

A more subtle problem might be that your shoes aren't meant for your specific level of pronation. Pronation describes how your foot lands on the ground and distributes the impact. For instance, those who mainly put pressure on the outside of their foot are known as supinators, while those whose feet roll inward, putting pressure on the big toe, are known as overpronators.

To figure out how you pronate, you can look at the wear on your running shoes. If the soles are more worn on the outside edge, you're probably a supinator. If the wear is on the inner edge, you're probably an overpronator. For those who have to wear on the back of the heel and the front of the toes, that is a sign of neutral pronation (the best option).

While analyzing the wear pattern is a good start, it's recommended that you have a professional analysis performed, known as "gait analysis." Most running shoe stores have a machine that can look at how your feet hit the ground and definitively tell you how you pronate. They'll then recommend specific shoes that would work well for your feet.

For example, these shoes give extra support on the outside of the shoe for supinators.

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On the other hand, these shoes have extra arch support to help overpronators.

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Make sure you're wearing the right shoes for the right sport. Basketball shoes aren't designed for long distances -- read this article for more details: Do Basketball Shoes Make Good Running Shoes?

Foot Width

The length of your foot isn't the only important size for running shoes! Here are some details about how Asics fit based on the width of your foot.

Are Asics Good For Wide Feet?

The standard version of Asics is slightly more narrow than other types of shoes. They're perfect for those with average foot width or even those with narrow feet. However, Asics offers a variety of styles in wide and extra-wide sizes, like the ones below.

Click here to view these shoes on Amazon.

Click here to view these shoes on Amazon.

The standard width of a shoe is classified as D for men and B for women. If you need a wider shoe, look for any shoe with a width of E, 2E, or 4E+ for men and D, E, and 2E for women. Or consider buying a different brand of running shoes. Brands like New Balance, Saucony, and Brooks generally run slightly wide.

Do Asics Come In Narrow?

Occasionally, you might be able to find some Asics shoes in narrow sizes like B for men and 2A for women. However, these are less common and aren't available in every store. Keep in mind, however, that Asics usually are a little slimmer than other shoe brands. So if you've had problems with shoes being too wide in the past, try a normal pair of Asics and see if they naturally feel better.

The Finish Line

If you wear men's shoes, plan on purchasing a pair of Asics a half size bigger than you usually would. Those who wear women's shoes can stick to their normal shoe size when buying Asics. However, the best way to figure out what size to buy is to measure your foot in centimeters, then use a sizing chart of all the popular brands. Whatever the size of shoe you decide to wear, we hope all your running is refreshing and injury-free!

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