Do Arm Sleeves Work In Baseball?

Arm sleeves are used by players in multiple sports, including baseball. If you are a new baseball player or are a parent of a player, you might be wondering if arm sleeves actually work in baseball. You may also be wondering if pitchers are allowed to wear the arm sleeves. We've done some research to answer this question for you.

Arm sleeves are helpful in baseball because the compression improves circulation and recovery. In most cases, pitchers are allowed to use arm sleeves if they follow the regulations put into place regarding their use.

Continue reading to learn how compression sleeves work, why they are so beneficial when playing baseball, and what other sports benefit from the use of arm sleeves.

Baseball player about to strike ball during baseball game on outdoor stadium under dramatic stormy skies, Do Arm Sleeves Work In Baseball?

How Arm Sleeves Work

To understand why arm sleeves are beneficial, you must first understand how they work. Arm sleeves are typically made from nylon and spandex. Because of the natural stretch of these materials, the arm sleeve can stretch to fit snugly on a player's arm, causing a natural compression effect.

How Compression Works

Injuries rely on oxygen in the blood to help them heal. Compression increases blood flow, supplying oxygen to the injured parts of the body. This increase in blood flow and oxygen helps injuries to heal quicker.

Even when players are not injured, compression helps them recover more quickly from workouts or activity so that they can be at peak performance for the next game or workout.

What Is The Point Of An Arm Sleeve?

A batter about to hit a pitch during a baseball game

Arms sleeves serve several purposes for athletes. Here are some of the most common reasons that athletes wear them:


Compression sleeves assist in faster recovery because they help to carry more blood to injured areas for healing. Athletes wear compression sleeves after injury to speed recovery time.


Arm sleeves aid in recovery, but they also help prevent injury from happening in the first place. Padded arm sleeves offer a layer of protection from the blunt force that some athletes may be exposed to during play, such as tackles or collisions. Arm sleeves also protect exposed skin from friction rashes, such as when baseball players slide onto a base.


Increased circulation needed for healing injuries can also prime muscles for peak performance during games and practices.

What Arm Do You Wear A Baseball Sleeve On?

Baseball players typically wear baseball sleeves on their throwing arm to prevent injury and fatigue. This applies to both pitchers and players in the field.

Why Do Pitchers Wear Arm Sleeves?

Arm sleeves are particularly valuable for pitchers because they exert effort using the same repetitive throwing motion, often for the entire duration of a game. Their muscles become fatigued and more prone to injuries while they are pitching. Arm sleeves help prevent injuries while they are pitching as well as encourages recovery from previous games.

What Other Baseball Players Wear Arm Sleeves?

While any player on the team can wear arm sleeves, they are most beneficial for pitchers and catchers. This is because both of these positions involve the repetitive movement of throwing the ball for more extended periods of time.

Can High School Pitchers Wear Arm Sleeves?

The National Federation Of State High School Associations allows players to wear dark-colored compression sleeves. The sleeve must be worn below the player's elbow.

Can Professional Pitchers Wear Arm Sleeves?

Pitchers for the MLB can wear arm sleeves as long as they are the same color as the team's uniform or the previously agreed upon undershirt color that all players of the team must adhere to.

Best Arm Sleeves For Baseball

Baseball player about to strike ball during baseball game on outdoor stadium under dramatic stormy skies, Do Arm Sleeves Work In Baseball?

Now that you've learned why arm sleeves are so important for baseball players let's discuss the most recommended sleeves on the market. When you are ready to purchase one for yourself or someone in your family, you will be able to choose the best one for your needs.

Baseball Brilliance Pro Style Sports Arm Sleeve

This sleeve is made from polyester and features moisture-wicking to keep you cool during your baseball game. This brand is particularly popular in professional baseball leagues, and the brand takes pride in its products being ethically made in the United States.

If you choose this particular sleeve, make sure that your league allows you to use sleeves that are blue.

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B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Compression Arm Sleeves

Available in a variety of colors, this arm sleeve brand ensures that you will be able to reap the benefits of an arm sleeve while also complying with league regulations.

The B-Driven Sports arm sleeve provides UV protections, assists with recovery, and is made with a moisture-wicking material.

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Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeves

Bucwild sports offers compression arm sleeves in sizes suitable for adults and youth. This arm sleeve is versatile for all times of the year, as it provides UV protection and moisture-wicking. The sleeve keeps muscles warm and limber in the winter months, so they are in peak condition for games and practices.

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Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve

Under Armour has a reputation for quality sports gear, and their arm sleeves are no exception. Made with polyester and elastane, they are a bit different than other arm sleeves on the market. However, they offer the same benefits, including moisture-wicking, sun protection, regulating body temperature.

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Multi-Sport Use

If you play other sports throughout the year, be sure to check your arm sleeve's product description. While the suggestions above, and many of the online brands, are listed for baseball use, they are also suitable for other sports. As long as they remain in good condition, you can save money by purchasing arm sleeves for baseball and using them throughout the year.

Arm Sleeve Use In Other Sports

Athletes from many different sports, not just baseball, use arm sleeves. If you participate in a sport that relies heavily on using your arms, you would likely benefit from using an arm sleeve in those sports as well.


Tendonitis is a common ailment that basketball players experience. For this reason, basketball players frequently wear arm sleeves. The sleeves prevent players from injury during their games.


Where basketball players are at risk for shooter's elbow, tennis players can be susceptible to tennis elbow. This is a fancy term for the inflammation that tennis players experience in the connective tissue in their arms. Wearing arm sleeves while playing tennis reduces the risk of tennis elbow and increases the player's power.


Believe it or not, runners benefit from the use of arm sleeves as well. Since they are not as susceptible to injury as players in other sports, arm sleeves serve a different purpose. For runners, arm sleeves keep the muscles warm and encourage the muscles to eliminate waste that accumulates during a workout. The quicker elimination of waste contributes to a faster recovery time.


Baseball player at professional baseball stadium in evening during a game, Does Baseball Have Halftime?

Baseball players at any level can benefit from the use of arm sleeves. Because they are mainly used for compression, they speed recovery, prevent injury, and support the muscles. If you are playing for a team or have a child playing for a team, ensure that you find out the rules regarding arm sleeves before purchasing one. While most leagues allow their use, there are usually guidelines regarding color and type of sleeve.

While arm sleeves are invaluable for preventing and healing injuries, using the right baseball glove is also necessary to prevent injury. Take a look at these articles to learn more about choosing an appropriate baseball glove:

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