Can Football Cleats Be Used For Running?

Football cleats are some of the strongest shoes out there. They support stability and provide endurance, while also assisting in speed. If you have a pair of football cleats, you might be wondering if you can wear them for running as well. Have no worries, we have done all of the research and have the information that you are looking for!

In short, you could run in your football cleats, however, it may not be the best option for you. If you are training specifically for football and want to improve your speed on the field, then running in football cleats on a turf or grass field will help you to improve. However, if you are a runner who wants to improve their overall speed, football cleats are not the ideal option.

If you still have some more questions about the usage of your football cleats, don’t worry. In this guide, we will discuss the topic at length, and we will answer some additional questions you might have. Keep reading to learn more about your football cleats!

American Football Kickoff close-up photo. Athlete ready to kick the ball, Can Football Cleats Be Used For Running?

Football Cleats And Running

Let's take a closer look at the mechanics of football cleats and how they work.

For Football Players

As mentioned previously, it may not be a bad idea for someone who is training specifically to improve their speed in the game of football to train with their cleats on. However, there are a few tricks to ensuring that this will help improve your speed and not hurt your technique.

If you are going to train in your football cleats, always do so on a turf or grass field. Running in cleats on concrete or blacktop will destroy the spikes in your cleats, which can be expensive to replace or could even lead to an injury, as it will distort your balance.

Man kicking an American football. Rear view., Can Football Cleats Be Used For Running?

It is also essential to ensure that you have the best pair of football cleats to fit your needs. There are different levels of ankle support and mobility in each pair of cleats. If you need high support, you should choose cleats that go up further on the ankle. If you do not need much support, you should choose cleats that go lower on the ankle. It is important to make sure that you have the right pair of cleats to fit your needs, otherwise, this could lead to some injuries and it will definitely hurt your technique and speed.

Football cleats are designed specifically to help players play the game of football. This means that they are designed quite differently from traditional running shoes. Football cleats are much thinner than running shoes, which provides more flexibility and agility for quick foot movement.

They are also designed for kicking so that the placekicker can accurately direct the ball with their cleat when needed. By running in football cleats while training for football, you will get used to wearing your cleats and the many benefits that come with a good pair.

For Runners

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It is not recommended for non-football players to run in football cleats. Firstly, because runners often choose to exercise on firmer surfaces, such as concrete, blacktop, or dirt trails. When you wear cleats on a firmer surface, you run the risk of damaging your cleats. If your spikes are broken/shaved down, your balance will be uneven and you will risk an injury. When your balance is off, it is very easy to fall down and get hurt.

As mentioned above, football cleats and runner's shoes have a few important differences. Running shoes are much wider than football cleats. This is helpful because it provides a stronger, stabler surface for a runner to utilize. This decreases the chance of injury, as it increases a runner's stability, helping them to spring at great speed and long distances without facing the consequences of falling down.

Running shoes also provide greater ventilation, which allows a runner to wear the shoe all day without becoming uncomfortable. Running shoes typically have more arch support, which provides additional stability and endurance for a runner to complete their race without injury or pain.

At the end of the day, it is not worth it for a runner to exercise in football cleats, unless they are training specifically for football on a turf or grass field. Safety should always come first and running in football cleats is just too risky. If you are a runner, go buy a nice pair of running shoes and you will improve your running and have some safe fun!

Now that you know about how to safely use football cleats for running, I'm sure you have some additional questions. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use your football cleats, the advantages of football cleats, and how to pick out a good running shoe.

Can Football Cleats Be Used For Daily Use?

American Football Kickoff close-up photo. Athlete ready to kick the ball.

If you are playing the sport of football, it is absolutely acceptable to use your football cleats every day. In fact, you should only train for football in your cleats. However, there are a few quick rules that you must follow in order to keep up the care of your cleats for everyday use.

1. Clean Your Cleats 

This may sound obvious, but many football players (especially children) forget to clean their cleats. You should try to clean them once a week, or even more if they appear dirty. If you leave dirt or mud caked on your cleats, they will deteriorate and the material will weaken quicker.

You should always clean your cleats with cool water and a soft-bristled brush. Hot water will weaken the leather and cause them to get worn out quicker. Never use chemicals such as bleach or different cleaners because they will harm your cleats.

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2. Dry Your Cleats

Even if you have not washed your cleats, you should always leave them out to dry. When playing football, your cleats will become sweaty and damp. If you do not air them out to dry afterward, they will grow mildew and mold. You can dry them by stuffing them with a towel or newspaper and set them out overnight. You could also dry them with a blowdryer.

If you care properly for your cleats by washing and drying them, they will last longer and suit your everyday needs.

Do Cleats Help You Run Faster? 

If you are running on an artificial or real grass field, the technology utilized in football cleats will improve your speed. Football cleats utilize friction in order to assist players in moving quickly on a softer surface, like grass or turf. This friction is accomplished through the spikes on the bottom of the cleats. The spikes create traction that helps the shoe to grip the ground, leading to stability and strength that allows a player to focus on their speed. If a player slips, the cleats are designed to protect their foot from injury.

Now that you know more about running in football cleats, we're sure you're curious about what type of running shoes you should buy. Keep reading to learn about different types of running shoes.

What Kind Of Shoes Should You Use For Running? 

There are two types of running shoes: neutral shoes and stability shoes. Neutral running shoes make up about 80% of running shoes and include a very basic, universal model of shoe. Stability shoes are created with additional ankle support for those who need it to decrease the risk of injury.

Before you buy a running shoe, you want to make sure that your choice currently fits. When you try it on, you should make sure that it fits comfortably. It should be snug around the base of your foot, with a bit of room by the toes. There are also shoes made for wider or skinnier feet. If your feet are wider or skinnier than the average shoe, you should look into one of those options.

There are also different types of shoes for different types of runners.

The everyday running shoe is the most basic, versatile option. They are also the most adaptable and durable.

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The lightweight running shoe is the best option for sprinters or short-distance runners, however, it is the least durable shoe.

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The trail running shoe is ideal for those who enjoy running in the woods on dirt paths. It provides additional support for running on a softer surface, however, it is not very adaptable and should not be used on concrete/blacktop.

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If you are a seasoned running pro, you may want to consider having custom made shoes. Many runners turn towards custom-fit shoes as they are the perfect combination of stability and support to suit your foot.

In Summary

If you are a football player, you can absolutely practice in your running cleats. However, if you are a runner looking for a good shoe to run in, do not choose football cleats as they will lead to injury. No matter what option you go with, ensure that you are being safe and having fun!

Man kicking an American football. Rear view., Can Football Cleats Be Used For Running?

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