Should Football Gloves Be Tight Or Loose?

Are you trying to improve your football performance by adding gloves and need help finding the perfect fit? Well, you've come to the right place. We've created this guide to help you find the right size gloves to improve your game.

Football gloves should be comfortably taut, not tight or loose. 

So how do you know if your gloves are too tight or too loose? And what benefits are there to using football gloves? Keep reading to find out all about choosing the right gloves and how they can help you improve.

A selective focus photograph of football players getting a hold of the football, Should Football Gloves Be Tight Or Loose?

How Should Football Gloves Fit?

The receivers and linemen in football typically use football gloves, and there are gloves designed specifically to benefit each position. Both kinds of gloves have the same sizing, and measuring for the right fit is the same for each type of glove.

Football gloves need to be tight enough to provide a good grip on the football. They also need to be loose enough to prevent any loss of feeling from restricted circulation. Comfortably snug gloves are the desired fit for optimum performance.

Under Armour Men's Football Gloves

These gloves come in eleven different colors and five sizes. They also advertise a GlueGrip feature that will keep the gloves sticky for grip longer.

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How To Measure Your Hand For Football Gloves?

When measuring for football gloves, you will need to wrap your measuring tape snugly around your knuckles to determine the proper circumference required. You will also want to measure the length from the base of your palm to the tips of your fingers.

Different manufacturers and brands may have slightly different size guides, so measuring when purchasing new gloves is important. You should also consult the size charts for the brand you are considering to ensure there are no differences.

iBayam 2-Pack Tape Measure

This two-pack of tape measures will give you accurate measurements while you're sizing yourself for football gloves. You will need a soft tape measure like this to get proper measurements.

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How Do You Measure Nike Football Gloves?

Nike football gloves only require you to measure the circumference of your hand, not the length. Measure carefully, and make sure the measuring tape is tight but not too tight.

Adult Sizes:

  • 7.25-7.5" - Small (S)
  • 7.5-7.75" - Medium (M)
  • 7.75-8" - Large (L)
  • 8-8.25" - Extra Large (XL)
  • 8.25" and above Extra-Extra Large (XXL)

Youth Sizes:

  • 6.5-6.75" - Small (S)
  • 6.75-7" - Medium (M)
  • 7-7.25" - Large (L)

GripBoost Raptor Hybrid Football Gloves

These gloves are available in three colors and nine different sizes. They have excellent reviews on Amazon and offer great grip.

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Can You Stretch Football Gloves?

It depends on the materials the gloves are made with. Leather naturally stretches over time as it's used, but materials like latex and silicone have an elasticity that will prevent the material from stretching permanently.

To help speed the process of stretching leather gloves, try soaking the gloves in warm water between 150-170 degrees. Remove the gloves from the water, equip them, and then ball your fists and loosen them. After you've worked the gloves, allow them to air dry slowly.

How Do You Break In New Football Gloves?

The best way to break in football gloves is to use them. Using the warm water method detailed above is excellent for leather gloves, but it is ineffective on other materials. You can wear them while doing everyday tasks to break them in if you want them to be ready for a game.

Can You Shrink Football Gloves?

Yes, football gloves are easier to shrink than to stretch. Leather gloves can be soaked in very hot or boiling water to encourage shrinkage. Most other glove materials will shrink when machine washed in hot water. Never put your football gloves in the dryer. It's just too rough for these delicate pieces.

Franklin Sports Youth Football Gloves

These gloves are designed with kids in mind. They come in various styles modeled after professional teams, making it fun to display team spirit.

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What Are The Benefits Of Football Gloves?

Football gloves have a sticky texture that allows players to more easily grasp the ball. They can also help protect players from hand injuries while playing. Football gloves are also valuable when playing in the cold or rain, keeping the player's hands warmer.

Cutter's No-Slip Football Gloves

These football gloves were made to prioritize grip, claiming exceptional performance rain or shine. They're available in two colors and a variety of sizes.

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How To Wash Football Gloves?

When it's time to clean your football gloves, you should always check the care instructions that came with them before you wash them. Most football gloves are not machine washable, and placing them in the washing machine can ruin them by shrinking them or damaging the stitching.

Most football gloves recommend gentle handwashing in cool water. Use mild soap without any fabric softener and always hang dry the gloves to avoid heat damage and wear in the dryer.

Football players trying to steal the ball

How To Restore Glove Stickiness?

Football gloves will lose grip over time as they are exposed to dirt, dust, and grime. Cleaning your gloves will help restore the stickiness but washing them is not always an option. Always keep baby wipes with your sports equipment for a quick fix.

Wipe the grip off your gloves well with a baby wipe to remove any debris reducing the tackiness. Gel hand sanitizer is another quick and easy option for restoring stickiness on the go. Make sure you wash the gloves properly before the next game to ensure they're ready for your next match.

Huggies Travel Size Wipes

These wipes come in a travel-size package for easy transport, making them perfect for use in sports. This is a 12 pack of travel-size pouches that each contain 16 wipes.

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How Long Do Football Gloves Last?

This will depend on how often you play and how well you take care of them. For frequent players, it's not uncommon to replace your gloves every season. For those who play recreationally or just dabble in the sport, your gloves could easily last up to four years with proper care.

When To Replace Football Gloves?

If you notice the stickiness of the gloves diminishing, even after washing and applying sanitizer, your gloves are probably ready for replacement. If the gloves have any rips or tears, you need to replace them immediately for your safety and the safety of other players. If you lose or gain weight, you may need to consider replacing your gloves to ensure a proper fit.

Franklin Sports Extra Tack Football Gloves

These gloves are designed to provide a premium grip for easier catching and throwing. They're available in three different colors and a variety of youth and adult sizes.

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Do Professionals Wear Football Gloves?

Yes, most modern professional football players use football gloves when playing. The football gloves of today have 20% more gripping ability than a bare human hand, making them an effective tool for the game. Gloves with added grip have notably changed the game since they've come about.

What Gloves Do Professional Football Players Use?

Nike is the most popular brand with professional football players by a long shot. 61% of professional football players chose to wear Nike's gloves on the gridiron. Nike's Vapor football gloves are a favorite among professionals.

Nike Men's Vapor 6.0 Football Gloves

These gloves are preferred by professional players and are the most common glove used in the NFL. They're available in 22 different colors and sizes, ranging from small to XXXL.

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The Gloves Are Off

Now that you know everything you need to about finding the perfect football glove fit, you're ready to start shopping for a new pair of gloves. Don't forget to measure carefully and double-check sizing charts between brands for accurate purchases. Have fun playing, and good luck!

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