Can You Wear Your Garmin In The Shower?

You've invested in a Garmin device. Now it's time to learn how to keep it working properly, so it lasts for a long time. You may worry about water exposure or damage to your Garmin. In this post, we've researched how your Garmin will react to showering and other types of water exposure.

If your Garmin watch or activity tracker is a model that states it is water-resistant, then you can wear it in the shower. Devices listed as water-resistant, according to Garmin's water ratings, can be safely worn in water depths up to 50 meters.

Garmin makes many models of watches and activity trackers. Keep reading to learn specifics regarding water ratings and how to care for your Garmin device. With proper care, your Garmin will provide many years of use.

A man wearing his Garmin sports watch and taking a bath, Can You Wear Your Garmin In The Shower?

Garmin's Water Ratings

Garmin devices are each categorized with a water rating. This information will help guide you in determining how safe it is to submerge your device and for what activities your device is best suited. Find water ratings for your device in the product specifications.


Devices with this rating will withstand a one-meter depth of water for up to 30-minutes. If your device has this rating, it's okay to wear it in the shower, rain, or snow. It can easily withstand splashes of water.


This rating is similar to the IPX7 rating but can withstand higher water pressures. Devices with this rating are ideal for activities that experience sprayed water. A Garmin with this rating is perfect for boating, heavy water sprays, and driving rain.


Garmin devices rated 1ATM can withstand a depth of 10-meters. These devices are designed for splashes, wear during rainy or snowy conditions, and wear while showering.


Devices with a 3ATM rating are submergible to a depth of 30-meters. If your device has this rating, you can shower with it or submerge it. Splashes from rain or snow will not damage the device.


These devices withstand a depth of 50-meters, designed for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.


You can submerge a Garmin with a 10ATM rating to a depth of 100-meters. These devices are perfect for high-speed watersports, snorkeling, and swimming


Garmin specifies tested depths for devices with a dive rating. Wear a Garmin with dive compliance for watersports, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Garmin Models

Garmin makes a variety of devices, each focused on a specific activity or lifestyle. The devices can perform multiple functions, which often cause users concern that water exposure could damage their expensive device. The good news is current Garmin devices all have some level of water resistance. Read on to find the specific water rating associated with some of the most popular Garmin devices.

Fitness Trackers

Garmin's fitness trackers can monitor your sleep, heart rate, step counts, and physical activity. The Vivio line encompasses devices designed for fitness tracking and smartwatch functions.

The Vivioactive 4 has a water rating of 5ATM. Wear it while showering and for swimming.

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The Viviomove Luxe has the look of an expensive wristwatch, but still performs all the functions of a fitness tracker and smartwatch. The watch face is rated for 5ATM/Swim. However, the watchband is leather, so wearing in the shower can damage the band. The original Viviomove model has a silicone band that can get wet.

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Garmin's Viviosport is a slim fitness tracker with a water rating of 5ATM/Swim. This device will go in the shower without any concern for damage. Wear it while swimming.

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Running Watches

Garmin designed the Forerunner line for runners. All the devices in the Forerunner line are water-rated 5ATM/Swim. You can wear your Forerunner watch in the shower or for a run in the rain without concern.

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Garmin's Fenix line provides watches for outdoor adventurists. Fenix watches h 10ATM. A Fenix device can handle a shower, a canoe trip, or a swim without difficulty.

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The Descent MK1 is a Garmin specifically designed for diving. This watch is water-rated Dive. The Descent can handle activities like scuba diving and also stay on during your shower.

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Garmin even has a kids line. The Viviofit Jr. is an activity tracker just for kids. These devices carry a 5TM/Swim water rating. No harm comes if your child gets their tracker wet.

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What does waterproof mean for Garmin watches?

Garmin's water definition ratings are a useful guide to determining the depth to which your device can safely submerge without sustaining damage. A waterproof device, per Garmin's recommendations, can be submerged at a depth of one meter for up to 30-minutes without damage.

Should I dry my Garmin after workouts?

You should rinse and dry your Garmin device after showering, swimming, or sweating. Moisture under the device can irritate your skin leading to rashes or skin breakdown. If your device has a heart rate sensor, build-up from sweat, soap, and sunscreen can block the sensor causing inaccuracies. Thorough cleaning and drying of your device will keep it operating well.

Can I wash my Garmin watch?

You can and should wash your Garmin watch. If you wear sunscreen, lotion, or insect repellants, make sure these do not build up on your Garmin. Avoiding build-up on the sensor of your device keeps it operating well. You may notice inaccuracy in tracking and heart rate readings if your Garmin is not cleaned correctly. To clean your Garmin, follow these steps:

  1. Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent.
  2. Use a soft cloth and wipe down the back of the device and sensors.
  3. Use a soft toothbrush to clean any debris from around the charging points and device recesses.
  4. Rinse the device after cleaning to remove any remaining soap.
  5. Thoroughly dry the device before putting it back on.

Cleaning silicone bands

  1. Remove residue on the band, like excess sunscreen or lotion, with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Rinse with clean water.
  3. Allow band to dry before wearing.

Cleaning leather bands

Important to note, leather bands are intended for casual wear and should be changed before strenuous activities. Do not use leather cleaners or polishes on Garmin leather bands. Leather may develop a natural patina over time.

  1. Wipe the band with a soft damp cloth.
  2. Allow drying completely.

Metal bands

Do not use metal polish or cleaners on Garmin metal bands.

  1. Wipe with a soft damp cloth.
  2. Dry completely before wearing.

Nylon straps

  1. Wash in cold water.
  2. Use mild soap, if needed.
  3. Rinse and dry completely before wearing.

It is okay to use 70% isopropyl alcohol or a disinfecting wipe on the outside of the watch, silicone, and metal bands. Don't use isopropyl alcohol or wipes on leather or fabric bands. Don't soak your watch in bleach!

Can I wear a Garmin heart rate sensor in the shower?

As long as your Garmin device with a heart rate sensor is rated water-resistant, wear it in the shower. You want to make sure after you shower to rinse off any soap residue that may have gotten under the band and sensor and completely dry the device as well.


Garmin provides unique technology in activity trackers, smartwatches, and activity-specific GPS wearables. Knowing the water rating for your particular device assures you that no damage will come to your Garmin when showering or participating in activities where your watch or activity trackers get wet. Follow the guidelines above for the care and cleaning of your Garmin to get the best data tracking and keep your device functioning well.

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