Do All Visors Fit All Football Helmets?

Whether you are getting involved in football for the first time or preparing for a new season, you have likely realized that playing football requires a lot of gear. Arguably, one of the most essential pieces of equipment is the football helmet. If you are considering a visor for your helmet, you may be wondering if all visors fit all helmets. We have researched for you to bring you this answer.

Most visors are made with a universal fit so that they can be used with almost all football helmets. Helmets that are custom or a special size may not be able to use visors that are considered universal. 

Keep reading to learn more about popular visors available on the market and how to choose the right one for your helmet.

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Popular Visor Brands

Football visors are available from well-known brands as well as generic brands. Take a look at the most well-known visor brands to see what helmet sizes they accommodate.


The EliteTek football visors are available in clear finishes and a variety of tinted and mirrored finishes. EliteTek states that their visors fit both adult and youth helmets. They caution that their visors fit on youth extra small and small helmets, but they require some adjustment to make them fit correctly.

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Oakley visors are universal and can fit on most football helmets in both youth and adult sizes. They are available in clear and in a variety of tints.

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Is Oakley Prism Visor Legal?

Forbes confirms that the NFL is allowing players to utilize the Oakley Prism visor. The NFL collaborated with Oakley to create a visor that is tinted but allowable on the field. High School teams are unlikely to consider this visor legal because they tend to enforce a strict rule forbidding any tinted visors.


Barnett visors fit football helmets in both youth and adult sizes. They offer both clear and tinted visors.

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Unique Sports

Unique Sports visors are advertised as universal and fit most helmets. However, some reviews state that the fit was less than perfect on some youth football helmets.

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Nike offers football visors for both adult and youth helmets. Unlike some other brands with a universal visor for either size, Nike sells a youth visor and an adult visor.

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What Helmets Do Nike Visors Fit?

Nike visors are universal and are expected to fit nearly all football helmets available on the market.

Choosing The Correct Visor

With so many choices available, it isn't easy to decide which football visor is the right one for your helmet. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that you are purchasing the correct visor.

Adult Or Youth

While some visors fit all helmets, both adult and youth, other visors are specifically made for either adult or youth helmets. The first step to finding the perfect fitting visor is to ensure that the visor you are getting is made for your adult or youth helmet.

Proper Helmet Size

It is unlikely that your visor will work well for you if your helmet does not fit you properly. To find your helmet size, use a measuring tape to measure your head about an inch above your eyebrows. Then choose the helmet size that matches the measurement that you took. For example, an adult size small fits heads with a circumference of 20.5 inches to 21.5 inches. A youth size medium fits heads with a circumference of about 19 inches to 20 inches. Light Helmets provides a good guide for measuring and fitting your football helmet.

Helmet Brand

While many visor brands have a universal fit, some brands work exceptionally well with certain helmets. For example, Oakley's Gridiron shield is not recommended for Riddell Speedflex helmets, but Oakley's Pro shield is recommended as a good fit for the Riddell Speedflex helmets.

One way to narrow down the options you have for your helmet is to determine what visor brands are recommended for that helmet. For example, the Schutt F7 adult football helmet is compatible with all Schutt visors, the Shoc Zero-G visor, and the Oakly Prizm visor, to name a few.


Even if you've chosen the perfect visor to go with your helmet, it will not fit properly if you do not follow the installation instructions. Some visors work better with some helmets than others, despite being considered universal because each helmet has its own structure and fit. In contrast, each visor has its own procedure for being installed. So if a football helmet has a particularly narrow fit, for example, it might not be able to accommodate a visor with wider-set clips.

The video below will explain how football visors are generally installed but be sure to pay special attention to the instructions provided by your specific football and visor manufacturers.

For Special Size Needs

Most football visors will fit helmets that range from a youth extra small to an adult extra-large. This size range fits heads between 19 inches and 25 inches. If your head size falls out of this range, you may need to consider a custom helmet. Naturally, you will also likely need a custom visor to fit it.

Before deciding to go with a custom option, though, take the time to research different helmet brands. You may find that the range of head sizes that one brand will accommodate is different than another brand's range. For example, Schutt helmets start at a head size of 19 inches, while Xenith helmets start at a head size of 19.75 inches.

Why Do Football Players Wear Visors?

Football players wear visors to protect them from injury while they are playing football. The visors protect their eyes from collisions with other players as well as debris from the fast-paced environment in which they are playing.

Why Are Tinted Visors Illegal In Football?

The NFL states that tinted visors are illegal in pro football because they interfere with medical personnel's ability to quickly assess players for serious injuries. Ironically, the exemption that allows tinted visors is also safety-related.

Players who have light sensitivity, especially when it makes them susceptible to migraines, can receive special permission to wear tinted visors. Because there are both legitimate risks and benefits to wearing tinted visors, the NFL goes back and forth on implementing this rule.

What Visor Fits A Speedflex?

According to NXTRND, a popular football gear retailer, the following visors are expected to fit a Speedflex helmet: Oakley, VZR1, Nike, Shutt, and Under Armour.

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Can A Football Visor Have A Prescription?

No. There are no prescription visors on the market, nor do any companies make visors with prescriptions. Instead, players opt for prescription football goggles that can be safely worn during gameplay.

Does Walmart Have Football Visors?

While Walmart doesn't carry any football visors in stores, you can utilize their website to purchase football visors from other retailers.


Since most football visors are universal, you can choose the one that best fits your preference in most cases. If you are purchasing a visor for a youth, pay special attention to whether or not the brand of your choice offers a visor specifically for youth. It is best to check with your coach or team representative before purchasing your visor so that you are aware of any rules or restrictions regarding visors.

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